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Producer, Director, Cinematographer (Seasons 1-2)

Ian Toews has been making films and television series since 1996. His works are primarily concerned with the natural environment. He is the creator, producer, director, and DOP of 7 short films, more than 75 television episodes, and 7 full-length documentaries. He has been nominated for 6 Gemini / CSA Awards, for directing, producing, and cinematography. He won as producer for LANDSCAPE AS MUSE (Bravo, SCN, Knowledge) in 2008. Other credits include the theatrical feature documentary BUGS ON THE MENU (documentary Channel); GRASSLANDS (City TV/Oasis HD). Recently completed projects include ETTHÉN HELDELI: CARIBOU EATERS  (nominated for three Golden Sheaf Awards); and VICTOR CICANSKY: THE GARDENER’S UNIVERSE.

Mark Bradley Producer-Editor.jpg


Producer, Picture Editor (Seasons 1-2)

Mark Bradley has worked in the television industry since 1998. Projects have included LANDSCAPE AS MUSE; UNTAMED GOURMET; THE NATURE OF INSPIRATION; GRASSLANDS; and GREAT MINDS OF DESIGN, a series that he created and is distributed in more than 35 countries. He produced the theatrical feature and digital media project BUGS ON THE MENU, which was nominated for a Canadian Screen Award for Best Cross-Platform Project – Non-Fiction. Recently completed projects include ETTHÉN HELDELI: CARIBOU EATERS  (nominated for three Golden Sheaf Awards); and VICTOR CICANSKY: THE GARDENER’S UNIVERSE.



Producer, Researcher (Season 1)

David brings decades of documentary experience (and gardening know-how!) to the series AGELESS GARDENS, SEASON 1.  David's company Asterisk produced the series WAYS WE LIVE: EXPLORING COMMUNITY, REINVENTING THE WORLD, and FINDING THE FUTURE, followed by the award-winning THE MAN WE CALLED JUAN CARLOS and HELL: A SURVIVOR'S GUIDE.


Picture Editor (Seasons 1-2)

Jason Nielsen is a versatile and experienced visual storyteller who edits multi-genre MOWs, scripted series, and documentaries for international broadcast. Jason was honoured with a Gemini Award Nomination for Best Editing (Dramatic) in 2004 and is the recipient of various Directors Guild of Canada Awards. Jason is proud to have his work in the collections of The National Gallery of Canada and The National Archives in Ottawa.

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Audio Post & Mix, Music Editor (Seasons 1-2)

David j Taylor is a highly respected record producer/mastering engineer and mixer. He's the 2007 Western Canadian Music Awards "Producer Of The Year" award winner and multiple WCMA nominee with over 120 album credits. David is also dynamic audio post professional. He’s a Gemini Award nominated re-recording mixer and dialogue editor (SASKATCHEWAN RIVER DELTA). He’s also worked as a music supervisor and foley recordist on CORNER GAS, THE NATURE OF THINGS, and WILD LIFE (2012 Academy Award "Best Animated Short Film" nominee).

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Composer (Seasons 1-2)

Amanda Cawley has a diverse background in ethno-musicology, classical piano, contemporary music and technology. She gracefully weaves a variety of acoustic and electronic sounds together to create seamless and powerful accompaniments. Amanda has scored several feature length documentaries, advertisements, and TV series. She was honoured to be a Leo Award nominee for Best Musical Score in Documentary Series (AGELESS GARDENS, SEASON 1). Recently completed works include VICTOR CICANSKY: THE GARDENER’S UNIVERSE, and ASMITA.